Friday, February 05, 2010

'The Pink Show' Opening Tonight at Splendorporium

The Pink Show at Splendorporium
Opening Reception Tonight 2/5 from 7-9
3421 SE 21st Ave, Portland, OR

Back in my day, art class was a venue for rampant hooliganism. We destroyed random objects on grinders, glued magazine cutouts into school closets, incinerated flies in mini-kilns, made lewd things out of clay... In fact, art was the only class in which I was ever set on fire. Had I paid more attention, I might be a big name artist right now, because those are the kind of shenanigans that can get you lots of press and peanuts.

Yet, with our schools in such disrepair, many children don't get a chance to learn even the basics of nihilistic, avant garde performance art. That's why the folks at Art4Life bring arts and culture to six Portland Public Schools through their after school programs. They also operate Splendorporium and the adjoined Children's Art Gallery. All told, it's a pretty sweet deal for Portland, kids, and the art community.

More and Then Some
Oil on Canvas

In addition to the painting above, the Pink Show features an eclectic mix of local talent. So swing by tonight, grab a donut or two, and listen to some Flamenco. Then be sure to buy some art, because 25% of the proceeds go to Art4Life.*

*The other 75% of the proceeds go towards keeping grown up artists off of welfare. They can't be puppies forever!

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