Monday, November 30, 2009

New Website & Prints by Plywerk

When I first started this blog, I simply intended for it to be a place that I could post images of my work. Over the years it has grown into something more than that, but I have been perpetually hemmed in by my original mission. I've kept the editorializing to a minimum and avoided both process shots and shop talk. I felt this was necessary in order to maintain the blog as an online portfolio. It's done its job fabulously, but I am now releasing it from these constraints.

My new website is up at

It will take over as my primary venue for displaying finished work online. What's more, you can now purchase work directly through the site via Paypal. In the weeks to come I'll be adding more content and tweaking the form, so you might want to stop by a few times. I'll continue to maintain this blog, but will now use it to focus more on my process, practice, and progress. Of course, I'll keep having fun over at Letters from the Inquisition and plan on launching some new projects there in the next month.

In the mean time, I've added a new product to my art endeavor. I am now offering over a dozen images as high-quality, durable prints. These aren't just pieces of paper that I'm talking about either. I'm having the images professionally printed by Plywerk here in Portland, and their product is something else entirely.

The images are printed on silver-halide paper and mounted on 3/4” carbonized bamboo plywood using a durable, PH neutral adhesive. With a keyhole hanger on the back, the whole thing looks impeccably sharp and is ready to hang.


Check it out.

Image used with permission from Plywerk