Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Still Life with Hellmouth

Ink on paper


The Hellmouth is a medieval theatrical motif that found its way into religious art. It can be found in engravings(+), illuminated manuscripts(+), Renaissance paintings, and contemporary pop culture.

For this still life I used a carved jaguar head that my brother brought back from Mexico. The figures were based on toys from Archee McPhee's, which I turned into devils. A visiting artist dubbed the whole setup 'Bosch in a Box.'

During my research for the piece, I stumbled upon one image in which the artist had rendered the flames in a manner resembling leaves. I liked the idea so much that I ran out and gathered a fistful of the freshly fallen Autumn leaves. As they dried their shapes grew more convoluted and flame-like.

Fog & Other Mysteries

The Thin Line Between Dreams and Memory (study)
Gouache on Paper

I am happy to announce that I will be exhibiting a new series of paintings at Gallery 070 in May. The series is entitled Fog & Other Mysteries. The work, which is executed in oils and acrylics, is a tonal investigation of space, light, and atmosphere. I will post more images in the future, and look forward to seeing many familiar faces at the opening.

Posting Notice

Despite my best intentions, my rigorous schedule has kept me from posting frequently. I have a great deal of accumulated work that I would like to share, and I hope to post much of it in the near future. In the meantime, the the backlog grows daily and most of my energy goes into learning, creating, and desperately struggling to keep the wolves at bay.

Photo: The Chaos of my life... (clockwise from top) der Junggeselle, Little But Hope (cropped at right), Irascible Desires (partially obscured), Standard Decay (sideways), The Missionary's Daughter.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Hard Candy

This poster is for Seattle's Showbox SoDo. Hard Candy is an bi-monthly event showcasing local and national bands. I reworked the Tantalus motif to fit the sweet, edgy vibe of the event.
If you're in town and up for a fun night, come check out Hard Candy at the Showbox SoDo lounge. Guaranteed delicious, just remember to brush afterwards.