Monday, August 10, 2009

A Benefit Concert for Maggie Kim

If you're in the Seattle area on August 16th, I highly recommend swinging by the Tractor Tavern for this benefit concert. Not only will you hear fabulous music in one of Seattle's most enjoyable venues, but you'll be doing your part to help out a wonderful lady.

Maggie Kim is a very talented musician and a very kind soul. She played at the the opening of my show "Fog & Other Mysteries" at the late Gallery 070 on Vashon Island (above). Lately she's fallen on some rough times and has racked up some hefty medical bills. While musicians don't have health care, they do have friends that care, and benefit concerts like this are our 'public option.' That's why all the musicians are donating their time, and I whipped up the above poster to help publicize the event.

So come take part in a bit of DIY health care reform, and have a great evening in the process.